Suzuki and PowerX to explore biz potential for ultrafast EV chargers in Japan and India

The PowerX Hypercharger is a battery-integrated EV charger that enables ultrafast EV charging with renewable energy.

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Suzuki Motor Corporation has signed an MoU with the Tokyo-based PowerX Inc, which manufactures and sells battery energy storage systems, to start exploring business partnership opportunities in Japan and India.

The business partnership between the two Japanese companies will explore the potential of battery energy storage systems and ultrafast EV chargers in Japan and India.

Japan and India are faced with common challenges including realisation of carbon neutrality through utilising non-fossil fuel and renewable energy, as well as improvement of energy self-sufficiency. Also, both countries are in need of charging solutions to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the coming years.

To achieve carbon neutrality, which is a top priority globally, both Japan and India, Suzuki`s main overseas market, share the common challenges of improving energy self-sufficiency through the use of renewable energy and developing charging infrastructure to promote EV adoption. PowerX and Suzuki`s shared objective to resolve these challenges has led to this memorandum of understanding. Through this memorandum, the two companies aim to contribute to the realisation of a carbon-neutral society by expanding the use of renewable energy and promoting the adoption of EVs.

PowerX manufactures, sells and provides services using its proprietary battery products for energy storage, ultrafast EV charging, home and marine applications. Additionally, the company is building its own GW scale battery plant in Okayama prefecture. At 5GWh or annual production capacity, it will be one of the biggest in Japan. 

PowerX's Hypercharger can operate with a low-voltage (200V) electrical connection. This allows for ultrafast EV charging without the need for costly high-voltage infrastructure and complicated construction.

The Power X Hypercharger is an all-in-one storage battery solution integrated with a transformer, power controller, and EV charger. The Hypercharger can operate with a low-voltage (200V) electrical connection. This allows for ultrafast EV charging without the need for costly high-voltage infrastructure and complicated construction.

According to Deepak Raut, Chief Engineer, Product Development Team, Power X Inc, “Because this is scalable architecture, we can think of any capacity. We can charge cars, transport systems – public transport, big trucks and buses. Because of the size of the battery, we can be much bigger than what is needed just to charge a car. This gives us the advantage of being low on both installation and operational costs.”

“We have a specific mode called ‘dual mode’. Power from the grid as well as battery power can charge an EV. We have combined the advantages – charge the EV while we are also possible charging the battery, if the battery needs it. This allows us to reduce the number of cycles what we do with the battery. Cycling the batteries less gives a longer life and make it more cost efficient. Dual mode simply means less number of battery cycles and longer life. This is a key benefit of our chargers.”

Power X Charging Station launched in Japan
On October 27, 2022, PowerX launched its ‘PowerX Charging Station’, the ultrafast EV charging network powered by Hyperchargers, its proprietary battery integrated ultrafast EV chargers, in Japan. 

Each PowerX Charging Station features ultrafast EV chargers developed and produced in-house in Japan. Each charger is equipped with a 320 kWh storage battery and a high power output of up to 240 kW. The built-in storage battery can store electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar power and recharge EVs with the stored power. According to Power X, installation of the chargers is also quick and easy as no high-voltage contract nor complicated construction is needed – the charger can be charged simply by plugging it into a standard commercial 200V outlet. Furthermore, the EV charger's storage battery unit can be leveraged as an emergency power source in the event of a natural disaster or grid power failure.

The PowerX Charging Station enables EV users to charge with up to 240kW of power output using renewable energy. The company plans to install 10 charging stations in the Tokyo area by mid-2023, mainly in Tokyo, and expand the number of charging stations to 7,000 across Japan by 2030.

All images: PowerX 


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