STMicroelectronics' first industrial summit to debut in China

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 May 2019

STMicroelectronics (ST), a leading semiconductor serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications is set to host its first Industrial Summit at the Grand Hyatt Luohu Shenzhen, China, on May 29.

The ST’s Industrial Summit 2019 event and technology showcase will bring together key industry leaders, medium and small enterprises, partners, and industry associations from the wide-ranging and highly fragmented industrial market to explore and push the frontiers of smart innovation in motor control, power and energy, and automation.

ST says motor plays an important role in industrial equipment including robotics, industrial and power tools, smart home appliances, drones, and many other applications. It will show a position-control demo powered by two advanced STSPIN32F0 BLDC motors with an embedded STM32 microcontroller (MCU) and an STD140N6F7 Power MOSFET. The two motors can synchronise precisely with each other to ensure accurate motion control, while allowing movement at different speeds and accelerations without crashing.

Other smart motor-control solutions on display will include a stepper driver, power tools with highly integrated STSPIN32F0 motor-controller series, a low-voltage and high-power BLDC motor controller for e-rickshaws.

ST says that with the industry opting for smarter manufacturing solutions, the machines are becoming more connected inside the factory and to the cloud. This enables optimal planning and flexibility in manufacturing and maintenance. The chipmaker's portfolio for industrial connectivity spans a range of technologies, including IO-Link, a standard communication protocol enabling connectivity between sensors and Power Line Communication (PLC) devices. At the summit, ST will demonstrate the IO-Link stack for its dedicated STM32 Nucleo pack. This solution can serve a small industrial plant with three levels using IO-Link devices to connect sensors to upper levels of monitoring and control.

Other highlights that ST will demonstrate include cobots and robotic solutions as a good replacement of human workforce to execute repeated and unsafe tasks in smart factories, enhancing productivity and reducing production costs.

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