Smart Eye to provide driver monitoring system to Japanese OEM

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 27 Sep 2019

Swedish technology company Smart Eye has announced that it will deliver Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology to eight additional car models to one of Japan’s largest OEMs. This is an extension of the two design wins with one of Japan’s and Europe’s largest OEMs, which was announced in May this year.

The company's technology will now find application in total of 10 car models with the start-of-production of the first car in 2020. The estimated revenue of the additional eight car models is 200 MSEK (Rs 145 crore) based on estimated product life cycle projections.

Smart Eye says it will deliver a second-generation DMS to eight new car models for a Japanese OEM. It involves software for an in-car AI function facilitating better driver safety and driver experience. The system includes gaze tracking and Face ID, preventing driver distraction and inattention.

“These eight additional design-wins not only prove that our offering continues to stand strong in relation to the growing demand of DMS technology on the world market. It also shows that our momentum on the Japanese market helps to solidify our global market leading position. I am very proud of the team responsible for achieving this outcome,” said Martin Krantz, CEO, Smart Eye. 

Altogether, Smart Eye has received 53 automotive industry design wins from eight OEMs, which the company says makes it a leading player in driver monitoring technologies. The total potential value of Smart Eye’s design wins exceeds 1.35 billion SEK (Rs 971 crore). Furthermore, as of today Smart Eye has six car models in series production.