SEAT dials e-mobility on two wheels, launches MÓ eScooters

by Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK 17 Jun 2020

Spanish carmaker Seat is cashing in on the increasing demand for urban mobility solutions with its new range of MÓ eScooters – and they’re likely to be offered in the UK. 

Eight months after the company revealed its first-ever two-wheeler in its 70-year history, the Spanish brand will offer three series-production eScooters, with the range-topping 125 model a full-fledged electric motorcycle. It mates a 12bhp motor to a 5.6kWh battery, providing a range of up to 77 miles / 125 kilometres and the performance of a 125cc motorcycle. Seat claims a 59mph/95kph top speed and a 0-31mph /50kph time of 3.9sec. 

The eScooter 125 also features three driving modes and a reverse gear, a removable battery that can be charged at home and smartphone app tracking. Two USB charging ports also feature. A specific version for fleet buyers comes with elements ideal for sharing such as a topbox to store helmets. 

Two conventional electric scooters are also offered: the eKickScooter 65 and eKickScooter 25. The 65 offers a 40-mile/64km range from a 551Wh battery pack and a 12mph/19kph top speed. It also receives front and rear drum brakes and lights front and rear, including a brake light. The eKickScooter 25 is the same design but will be cheaper, with a 19km range. 

SEAT MÓ eScooter125 Tech Specs
Engine: 7kW (9kW peak power)
Acceleration: 0-50kph in 3.9 seconds
Peak Torque: 240Nm
Top speed: 95kph
Battery capacity: 5.6kWh
Urban range: Up to 125 kilometres