Ricardo to deliver transmission control software to CEVT

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Feb 2020

Ricardo, a British-based engineering company is going to develop and deliver transmission control software for a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission system for CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology), a Swedish-based innovation centre that develops mobility solutions for the Geely Group brands. The system is said to be incorporated in a 2020 model year application in a compact luxury crossover SUV.

Ricardo claims that the software has been developed according to a ‘systemised track’ approach, in which the vehicle level requirements were used to define the software of the transmission controller. Ricardo has also confirmed that the software confirms to the industry standard ‘A-Spice Level 2’. This included testing at a software module, transmission system and vehicle level, and providing full traceability between the specification of each vehicle-level requirement, the point at which it has been implemented in software, and the test procedures and results. It is further claimed that the control software was developed according to ISO26262 (Road vehicles – Functional safety) to provide in-built monitoring functionality to ensure that, in the event of software- or hardware-related fault, the maximum operational availability of the transmission is maintained that is compatible with its safe operation.

Andy Beaumont, Ricardo project director, said, “Production software engineering for road vehicles requires a robust and systemic approach to ensure the required level of operational performance, fault tolerance and safety, while also providing the flexibility required of a modern automotive model year product development programme. This is an area in which Ricardo excels and aims to maintain its position at the forefront of technology as, through electrification and hybridization, the software demands of vehicles and their on-board electronic systems become ever more complex.”

Chao Zhang, director of project controls and calibration at China Euro Vehicle Technology said, “As a supplier, Ricardo hit every timing milestone, provided the specified releases we required for winter and summer testing, and resolved all critical issues identified well ahead of the start of production date.”