Pierburg bags 140m euro order for oil and tandem pumps from American OEM

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 25 Feb 2020

The variable oil pump and tandem pump are manufactured in Celaya, Mexico.

A well-known American vehicle manufacturer has awarded Rheinmetall Automotive AG subsidiary Pierburg Pump Technology US, orders with a lifetime volume of around 140 million euros (Rs 1,092 crore).

The orders encompass two different pump models for gasoline/petrol engines. Both of these pumps are manufactured in Celaya, Mexico, where production began either in late 2019 or is set to start this year.

One of the products ordered is a tandem pump, which was partly developed by Pierburg Pump Technology US in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. The tandem pump is a combined oil and vacuum pump.

The other component is a variable oil pump. These oil pumps have already seen a market success for some time. Their most important advantage: Depending on the temperature, rotational speed, and load status of the engine, their output can be flexibly adapted to the required oil flow. Both models contribute to greater fuel efficiency and a reduction in harmful emissions.