Novelis wins three automotive industry awards for strong, innovation capabilities

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 31 Dec 2020

Novelis Advanz 6HS – s615 is a heat treatable product specifically designed and optimized for high strength requirements.

Novelis Inc, the world leader in aluminum rolling and recycling, has won three influential industry awards for its Novelis Advanz 6HS-s615 aluminum alloy. The award widely recognises Novelis’ innovating, high-quality products and services, while further strengthening the company’s leadership position in automotive aluminium application market.

The three awards are ‘2020 China Automobile & Parts Industry Developing & Innovation Award’ issued by Automobile and Parts, ‘2020 Lingxuan Innovation Award’ enacted by Auto Business Review and ‘Automotive Innovation Technology Award’ conferred by Vogel. 

Advanz 6HS-s615 was introduced in China in 2019 and is being used by automakers in the rear rail structure and other high-strength applications. 

“We are truly honored to receive three awards that highly recognize our innovative and reliable product,” said James Liu, Managing director of Novelis China, and Vice President, Automotive, Novelis Asia. “As taking customer centricity with unmatched innovation capabilities is our constant goal, we will continue to partner with customers and manufactures to develop next-generation designs for aluminum-intensive and mixed materials vehicles.”

Novelis Advanz 6HS – s615 is a heat treatable product specifically designed and optimized for high strength requirements. This product offers an excellent balance of properties such as, superior formability in the as-supplied temper, high in-service strength and excellent bending and crash behavior. Novelis Advanz 6HS – s615 has a wide array of applications for general structure and crash energy absorption such as engine supports, cross members, transmission tunnel and front and rear crash members.

The product strictly meets the requirements to help ensure passenger safety during a collision and limit secondary damage. Moreover, light weighting is another key feature since aluminium enables 20-30% lightweighting to reach the same performance versus certain types of steel. In addition, cost effectiveness is another benefit as T7 does not require customers to execute the annealing process, as it is already done during the coil manufacturing. 

With the development of s615, Novelis is the first and only available supplier in Asia to provide the high strength aluminum structure product. It is currently being supplied to many of the top NEV automakers in China.