Nissan adopts its camera tech for award-winning football tracking campaign

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 02 Jul 2018

Animated Nissan Kicks following the football around the field

Nissan’s ‘Around View Monitor’ system is a support technology that assists drivers to park more easily. The system processes video from four cameras, displaying the composite footage on the screen as if there is a single birds-eye view camera right above the vehicle. The Japanese carmaker has now successfully incorporated the same for running an ad campaign during a football match.

Nissan recently won three Lion trophies at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France for airing an ad campaign on digital boards outside the field during the final matches of a top soccer league in Brazil.

During the ad campaign, an animated version of the Nissan Kicks SUV was seen to be tracking the ball around the field through those digital billboards. Incorporating its own ‘Around View Monitor’ technology, strategically mounted cameras in the stadium tracked the position of the ball during the play and sent that data in real time to the LED panels. This way the animated car remained in clear view of everyone watching the game in the stadium or over the TV.

Similar to the ones that have been used in Nissan Kicks, the ad campaign that was run in collaboration with Nissan and the Lew Lara/TBWA agency incorporated the same smart camera system along with a comprehensive multimedia central offered by the Nissan multi-app.

Humberto Gomez, marketing director at Nissan Brazil, said, “We used the same type of technology embedded in our cars to engage the audience in real time, to provide a unique experience.”

It was claimed to be the first ever billboard with ‘Moving object detection’ technology.

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