New Hyundai Sonata to implement Hyundai's third-gen vehicle platform

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 13 Mar 2019

Hyundai Motor has revealed that the new upcoming Sonata will implement its third-generation vehicle platform. It is further revealed that the new platform will be implemented to future upcoming vehicle products as well.

Hyundai claims that the new platform will improve the market competitiveness of the newest Sonata and future vehicle models with greater flexibility for vehicle development, which dramatically enhances overall design, safety, efficiency, power and driving performance. The new generation Sonata is said to offer reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency while also achieving stronger durability with the new platform. The platform builds on the former platform’s core advantages, enabling a stable design with a lower centre of gravity. The third-generation platform also allows Hyundai to implement sporty and stylish design elements to the new Sonata.

As per company reports, the platform also delivers a significant improvement in collision safety through the adoption of a multi-load path structure, ‘Hot Stamping’ and super-high tensile steel plate. The sophisticated multi-load path structure increases the energy absorbed by the vehicle in a collision, improving safety with minimisation of collision impact into the passenger cabin. Furthermore, the platform is designed so that the tyres move outward during a small overlap collision to maximise customer safety. Such technology inhibits vehicle from spinning and prevents possible secondary collisions.

2019 Hyundai Sonata

The extended application of Hot Stamping is also said to prevent deformation of the passenger room, thereby further improving vehicle safety. It is also expected to improve power and driving performance. It has been developed for possible application of Hyundai’s next-generation engine called the Smartstream Powertrain.

Featuring a system that controls the flow of air, the new platform could improve air movement to the engine bay and heat dissipation, which enhances stability in the lower part of the vehicle and minimizes air resistance to deliver excellent efficiency and power performance.

2019 Hyundai Sonata

Stability is enhanced by lowering the position of heavy equipment in the platform, which reduces weight and lowers the centre of gravity. It is also claimed that the new platform enables agile handling by dramatically expanding lateral stiffness and positioning the steering closer to the wheel centre while also providing stable and balanced driving performance by implementing tyre-optimisation technology. Noise reduction is also improved with enhanced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance through reinforced sound-absorbing systems in vibration-sensitive parts.

"Through the implementation of the third-generation platform, the new generation Sonata is expected to provide world-class value in overall vehicle performance,” said Fayez Abdul Rahman, vice president, Architecture Group from Hyundai Motor Company. "Starting with the new Sonata model, Hyundai will gradually expand the use of new platform in order to provide joy of driving and comfort to the customers.”

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