New data transfer tool allows more complex autonomous vehicle, ADAS testing

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 13 Aug 2019

Automotive test system supplier AB Dynamics has launched a new product which offers complete connectivity of all test vehicles and objects and the reliable collection of data when undertaking autonomous vehicle and ADAS testing.

TrackFi PowerMesh, a new dual-band IP radio, can select between two frequency bands using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz RF transceivers, ensuring optimum connectivity between multiple vehicles in a test scenario and secure transfer of high throughput data. It is suitable for use on vehicles, in conjunction with AB Dynamics’ ADAS platforms or as static nodes to mount trackside.

“TrackFi PowerMesh has been developed due to the growing complexity of vehicle safety systems and increasing need for thorough testing,” explains Jeremy Ash, Sales Director at AB Dynamics.

“This includes the need for increased throughput and the reliable transfer of live test data. TrackFi PowerMesh can help streamline these programmes by ensuring simple, safe and efficient data collation and transfer with a point-to-point range of up to 1km depending on the operating country. It is complementary to our wider portfolio of ADAS and autonomous vehicle test systems and provides significantly more robust operation than traditional WLAN-based solutions," he added.

Low latency data transfer between multiple vehicles or to ground traffic control offers real-time communication via a mesh network, which is essential for driverless vehicle testing. This functionality also ensures that TrackFi PowerMesh is compatible with proving grounds that require complete connectivity of test vehicles, without adding extra testing or set-up complexity.

“We have designed the latest generation radio to provide a high level of modularity, ensuring that it is suitable for as wide a range of test scenarios as possible,” continues Ash. “For example, the four omni-directional antennas are foldable, making it ideal for ADAS testing where collision with a Guided Soft Target could otherwise cause damage and jeopardise data transfer. Static nodes can also be hardwired to a power supply for permanent use or used with portable battery packs for flexibility of testing. The entire system can be easily set-up or transferred between vehicles, targets or locations.”

TrackFi PowerMesh offers real-time test data from multiple moving vehicles for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) or vehicle-to-everything (V2X) position and speed measurement which can be relayed directly to the laboratory for continuous test monitoring or offering remote monitoring and control of AB Dynamics’ driving robots.

AB Dynamics’ first IP radio technology, TrackFi, will remain available worldwide and is used for point-to-point applications.


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