MulticoreWare and Uhnder partner for automotive radar development

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 Sep 2019

US-headquartered MulticoreWare is collaborating with American chipmaker Uhnder to help drive both software and hardware development of Uhnder’s radar technology. The collaboration entails MulticoreWare operating offshore development centers (ODC) for Uhnder and working with Uhnder and its customers on radar related development and support.

Uhnder is developing the first digital automotive Radar-on-Chip (RoC), which operates at 76-81 GHz and uses Digital Code Modulation (DCM) that offers 4D High Contrast Resolution (HCR) delivering range and accuracy not possible with other solutions currently in the market.

MulticoreWare will bring on-board its capabilities in terms of development, porting and optimisation of computation intensive algorithms running on Multicore CPUs (Central Processing Unit), DSPs (Digital Signal Processing) and GPUs (Graphical Processing Unit). The Uhnder ODC at MulticoreWare will continue to hire dedicated engineers for Uhnder to perform chip development, DSP software development, algorithm development and testing associated with the Uhnder Radar-on-Chip.

Manju Hegde, CEO and co-founder, Uhnder, said: “Because of MulticoreWare’s flexibility and agility, plus their ability to quickly scale, we’re able to work with them on high-value projects that span the gamut from chip to hardware to software to testing.”

MulticoreWare says its ecosystem supports Uhnder’s activities across the board. In addition to the ODC operations, it has collaborated in several key product development efforts. The company says it has a proven track record in object detection and tracking using radar data through traditional imaging algorithms and neural network based algorithms.

AGK Karunakaran, CEO and co-founder, MulticoreWare, said: “Our team in India has delivered world class software solutions for video compression and Image processing use cases. As we scale, our current team, as well as new additions will have the opportunity to work on exciting frameworks for sensor data processing frameworks and deep learning.”

Benjamin May, MulticoreWare’s Business Unit Head for Autonomous Vehicle and Automotive (AVA) said, “We are excited to support Uhnder and continue to augment their very talented engineering team long term as we scale together and bring on new customers”