Kia reveals new K5 sedan which shows new design direction

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Nov 2019

Kia Motors today revealed exterior images of the all-new Kia K5 sedan. Released in Korean market specification, the latest model offers a fresh and innovative new look for the sedan segment and showcases Kia’s bold new design direction.

The new Kia K5, with its sporty, modern and bold looks, has a front which is characterised by Kia’s new ‘Tiger Nose Evolution’, a wide, three-dimensional design which integrates the grille and headlamps more organically than previous iterations of the K5. The texture of the grille is modelled on the texture of shark skin. The grille is made with a matrix of interlocking details and the K5’s new front headlamps feature a distinctive ‘heartbeat’ daytime running light signature. Above the grille, the deeply-contoured hood and characteristic lower bumper are meant to emphasise the smooth lines on the front of the car and enhance the K5’s on-road presence.

The new K5’s profile displays a greater sense of muscularity than its predecessor, with the body narrowing slightly at the midpoint between wheel arches. A distinctive crease runs the length of the K5’s body, while a dash of chrome above the car’s new frameless windows adds greater drama to its flowing, fastback roofline.

The all-new K5 is longer and wider than its predecessor. The length of the new model has been extended by 50mm to 4,905mm and the width by 25mm to 1,860 mm. The wheelbase is extended to 2,850mm. A 20mm drop in height to 1,445mm creates a low-slung sporty profile.

The rear of the K5 has a new rear-combination lamp design which provides a sporty silhouette mirrored by the three-dimensional design of the K5’s subtle rear wing. The unique rear light signature mirrors the slender ‘heartbeat’ motif found at the front of the car, while the flash of chrome from the roofline loops around the base of the rear screen, unifying the side and rear profile.

The K5 will be available with a range of new 19-, 18-, 17- or 16-inch machine-cut aluminum alloy wheel designs with from gloss black to dark gray and light gray.

The new-generation K5 will go on sale in the brand’s domestic Korean market in December.

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