Karma Automotive develops SiC inverter for EV fast charging

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 02 Apr 2020

US-based luxury electric vehicle maker and high-tech incubator, Karma Automotive says it has entered the final stage of development for two new Silicon Carbide (SiC) Inverters to enhance electric mobility charging.

The in-house engineered new SiC traction inverters are designed by Karma’s Powertrain Power Electronics team, in collaboration with the Power Electronic System Laboratory at University of Arkansas (PESLA). The SiC traction inverters are said to be engineered to deliver enhanced efficiency and performance, which will be used in both future Karma vehicles and company partners. The flexible architecture design in a 400V system can be customised to fit various vehicle platforms and is also available in 800V power levels to leverage higher voltage for fast charging. The new inverters will also be compatible with a variety of industries including automotive, aircraft, train, agriculture and industrial applications.

The company says at a time when many of its competitors are still developing their SiC inverters, Karma’s ready-for-market SiC traction inverters place it at the forefront of this advanced technology. Prior to this, Karma says it also developed its own insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) based traction inverter that currently supports its 2020 Revero GT and GTS luxury electric vehicles.

The development of Karma’s new SiC power inverters come at an important time for the company, who earlier this week announced its new E-Flex Platform initiative, a series of highly versatile platforms that will offer new electric vehicle mobility solutions ranging from autonomously-driven utility vans, to ‘every-day’ driver vehicles, to high-performance supercars. The platform will allow manufacturers a fast-track into the electric vehicle market with greater speed and efficiency.

Dr. Lance Zhour, CEO, Karma Automotive said: “Electrification represents a pivotal shift in the mobility industry, which is why Karma is focusing company efforts on our technology capabilities and solutions for our partners. Our SiC inverters, coupled with our upcoming Karma E-Flex Platforms, are a testament to the revolutionary performance and efficiency we are proud to bring to the electric mobility industry.”