JD Power partners Reevoo to develop insights for the US car buyers

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 May 2019

Reevoo staff at JD Power headquarters (LtoR): Marco Franca, VP – Americas; Lisa Ashworth, CEO; Asitha Rodrigo, CTO

Reevoo, a global leader in customer-sourced review technology for the automotive space and JD Power, the global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence, are coming together to create an unparalleled way for all automotive manufacturers to listen and showcase customer opinions in the US market.  

Lisa Ashworth, CEO at Reevoo said, "We are extremely excited at the prospect of working so closely with JD Power in the US market, given its 51-year history of being the voice of the customer. Together, we will be able to offer automotive companies an unrivalled source of data and tools to help them grow and develop their business. At the same time, American car-buyers will have a proven and trustworthy route to gain consumer insights and share their opinions."

JD Power Verified Reviews will provide insights into how US customers are talking about brands and their experiences with vehicles, sales and service. With this insight, manufacturers can discover areas that can be improved, identify ways to attract and retain car-buyers, as well as provide consumers with a trustworthy source for purchasing decisions. Customer evaluations for brands, vehicles and dealerships will be collected through digital platforms, providing content for publishing online by automotive manufacturers. 

Chris Sutton, vice president, US Automotive Retail Practice at JD Power said, "Given our shared philosophy that the customer is the focal point of every business, there is a natural synergy between JD Power and Reevoo. Our passion and pursuit of measuring customer feedback is strengthened with this alliance and provides brands with another channel to listen to what their customers are saying."