Michelin unveils concept tyre that promises to last lifelong

by Nilesh Wadhwa 21 Jun 2017

Michelin, the french tyre manufacturer has unveiled its new-age concept tyre that promises to last a life-time, is puncture-proof, and will adapt to all kinds of weather and roads.

The prototype tyre by Michelin was unveiled at Movin’On in Montreal. The tyre, made up of recycled materials and completely biodegradable, will be recyclable. It would not require any air pressure, as the honeycomb structure inspired by natural models mimics natural growth process at work in plants, minerals and even animals world such as corals.

The concept tyre is designed to adapt to any kind of weather as the treads can instantly be adjusted for driving conditions, using the right amount of materials, which the company showcased in its concept video. The material can be replenished using the Michelin station, without wasting time or money.

 Michelin describes its concept to be a combination of three parts –

- A wheel with no air designed to last as long as the vehicle, honeycomb structured, made of recycled materials and fully recyclable.

- A tread that can be ‘replenished’ in minutes by a 3D printer while adjusting for the driving terrain along with the climatic condition gives the tyre adaptability. The material used draws on cold cure technology, delivers the same performances as a conventional tread. 3D printing is an additive technology, which means that it adds just the quantity of material that is necessary, where it is necessary, with no waste or loss.

- Lastly, the tyre will be connected: it communicates with a vehicle and the vehicle communicates with it. Without getting out of your car or even leaving your home, you can be informed of the wear on your tread and program a tread reprint, choosing the type of tread pattern you need at that particular time for your intended tyre use, or simply following the suggestion made by the embedded app, which detects your requirements.