Innoviz Technologies expands presence in 4 new countries

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 20 Dec 2018

Israel-headquartered, Innoviz Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software, has announced expanding its presence in four new countries - U.S, Germany, China and Japan, enhanced manufacturing abilities and significant personnel growth among others, which it says aligns with the company's mission to provide affordable LiDAR solutions at massive scale.

The company at present has two product solution - InnovizOne and InnovizPro - which it says offer high-definition 3D sensing to provide an accurate and reliable scan of a vehicle’s surroundings. According to Innoviz, the InnovizOne is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any vehicle and will deliver automotive grade quality for levels 3 – 5 autonomous driving, and is expected to be available in 2019.

Meanwhile, InnovizPro, equipped with advanced LiDAR technology, is designed to enable auto manufacturers, shared mobility companies, autonomous driving technology companies and Tier 1 suppliers to conduct effective development and testing of autonomous driving technology.

Omar Keila, CEO and co-founder, Innoviz said: "Demand for our solid-state LiDAR offerings continues to invigorate the team and take Innoviz to new heights. Our latest accomplishments are simply a reflection of the outstandingly successful year we've had filled with automaker design wins, Tier 1 supplier partnerships, product innovations and awards, and more. Innoviz truly epitomises how mature LiDAR has the potential to transform the automotive, mapping and robotics industries, to name a few. We look forward to building on this success in 2019."

The company has announced a new, state-of-the-art 4,000 square meter facility which it says will provide Innoviz with labs, garages for test vehicles, clean rooms and more that expand existing manufacturing capabilities. In addition, its simple assembly process, thanks to the proprietary chip designs will further pass dramatic price reductions to customers.

In addition to the four new offices, the company plans additional expansions in 2019 too. The company says the four new regions were selected based on their proximity to areas of high market demand and/or existing customers who are leveraging the company's LiDAR for automotive applications (including OEMs, fleet companies, shuttle services and Tier 1 suppliers), mapping, robotics and more.

Innoviz's presence in China is said to uniquely positions it to support a burgeoning mobility market with OEMs in the country racing to autonomy at speeds that challenge international rivals. By having engineering, product, marketing and sales personnel at these international locations, Innoviz aims to seamlessly meet current and future customer demand for low-cost, high-performance LiDAR solutions around the world – especially as automakers advance their autonomous efforts and LiDAR becomes more ubiquitous.