Hyundai partners CJ ENM-Tiving for OTT content in vehicles

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 08 Dec 2021

The Hyundai Motor Group has signed an MOU for mutual cooperation with CJ ENM and Tving in Korea for OTT (Over The Top) content in vehicles.  While CJ ENM produces and supplies OTT content, Teabing provides UX (User Experience) suitable for the car environment in the form of streaming service in Hyundai Motor Group’s connected cars.

Through this business agreement, Hyundai Motor Group aims to realise customer satisfaction by providing various and rich convergence OTT content services such as movies and live channels, and based on this, seek to strengthen the competitiveness of connected car services.

According to this agreement, the three companies will cooperate with each other in various fields such as building a platform for OTT service installation, OTT content service, platform and content operation management, PR, joint marketing and promotion and negotiating to provide new content services.

The Hyundai Motor Group will help in the development to enable Teabing's OTT content on the infotainment platform of connected cars, and also support platform service operation and maintenance.
Kyo-woong Choo, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group, said, “Through this business agreement, we expect that Hyundai Motor Group’s connected car will not only provide customers with a variety of OTT contents, but also provide a richer and newer infotainment user experience.”

“When the era of full-fledged autonomous driving opens, the importance of entertainment content will grow as the vehicle becomes a moving media platform, not just a means of transportation,” said Im Sang-yeop, head of management support at CJ ENM. “We will continue to collaborate with the Hyundai Motor Group to provide it.”
Teabing co-CEO Lee Myung-han said, “This new collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group is very meaningful as it provides an opportunity to expand the base of OTT services that transcend time and space. We will do our best to provide a stable service so that you can enjoy it comfortably.”



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