Hyundai's compact SUV concept, Vision T Plug-in Hybrid revealed

by James Attwood, Autocar UK 21 Nov 2019

Hyundai's latest design concept is an "eco-conscious" plug-in hybrid SUV. The Vision T Plug-in revealed at the Los Angeles motor show is a compact SUV and the seventh in a series of concept cars developed by Hyundai’s Design Centre

Hyundai said the Vision T is intended to “be on the cutting edge of the most dynamic SUV designs”. The Vision T features a bold grille and the LED headlights are incorporated into the side with a stretched bonnet and coupe-style roofline. Measuring 4610mm long, Hyundai says the vehicle has a long wheelbase of 2804mm with short overhangs.

The machine also features a glass roof with a pattern embossed into it, along with a dark chrome Hyundai badge that glows green and red when illuminated.

The grille features a Parametric Air Shutter concept, which means that it is closed and static when the Vision T is stationary. Once moving, the individual grille cells move in a set sequence. This helps to optimise aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Hyundai has not given any details of the Vision T’s plug-in hybrid powertrain, but claims it will be 'eco-conscious'.