Hyliion picks FEV as partner for electrified Class 8 truck development

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 15 Jul 2021

FEV is partnering electrified powertrain systems start-up, Hyliion, to support design, development, integration and validation of its Electric Range Extender for Class 8 tractor-trailer applications

FEV, a world leader in vehicle and powertrain development for hardware and software, has entered a long-term agreement with electrified powertrain systems provider, Hyliion, to support design, development, integration, and production validation of their innovative Electric Range Extender (ERX) for Class 8 tractor-trailer applications.

Austin-, Texas, based Hyliion is striving for the ultimate solution for sustainable, heavy duty transportation through its Hypertruck ERX powertrain. The vehicle utilises a propulsion system combining a renewable natural gas (RNG) on-board generator paired with a series of lightweight batteries to power an electrified drivetrain. This propulsion system is optimised to provide significant cost and environmental benefits for fleet owners, while also maximising fleet uptime and eliminating “range anxiety” which can occur while operating conventional battery electric vehicles with limited range and charging infrastructure.

“The ERX solution offers transportation companies virtually everything they could want in a net-carbon-negative sustainable emissions solution,” said Patrick Sexton, CTO at Hyliion. “It has similar range and faster acceleration than a comparable diesel solution, while also providing a significant total cost of ownership (TCO) benefit.”

Hyliion has selected FEV to serve as its development partner. The collaboration will ensure that the design, development, integration and optimisation required for a production solution are performed in accordance with Hyliion’s business model while meeting the highest industry standards.  

“FEV is shaping the future of the mobility sector through development of carbon-neutral and efficient, connected and safe transportation, so we were excited when we heard Hyliion’s vision for sustainable commercial transportation,” commented Dean Tomazic, CTO at FEV North America. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to apply our expertise to help bring Hyliion’s concept to life.”

In addition to assisting with developing the controls strategy for the propulsion system, FEV will also provide vehicle integration for OEM ADAS features, controls, driver interfaces, and more further establishing FEV as a complete vehicle development partner for all mobility applications. Through its in-depth expertise, FEV provides customers and society with cutting-edge technologies for state-of-the-art mobility solutions.

Image: Hyliion/FEV