Honda showcases battery of EV concepts in Thailand

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 06 Jun 2018

The Honda Group of Companies is displaying its technological prowess and expertise in electrification in Thailand. The Japanese auto major is participating in the International Electrical Vehicle Technology Conference and Exhibition (iEVTech 2018), which opened today at BITEC, Bangkok and goes on till June 9.

iEVTech 2018 is an international conference for electric vehicle-related researchers, engineers, and exhibitors organised by the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand to exchange information and knowledge about initiatives to move into a low-carbon transport community.

At the event, Honda is exhibiting its swappable battery and charger concepts, which can power various forms of electrical mobility such as the PCX Electric scooter and the MC β (M-C-beta) micro-sized EV concept car.

Under the theme of ‘Honda Mobile Power Pack World’, the company is demonstrating its concept for a swappable electric power source that can be used in all types of electric vehicles including motorcycles and automobiles.

The highlight of the exhibition is the Honda Mobile Power Pack, a swappable mobile battery that can be used to power small electric vehicles; the Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger Concept, a charging station concept that can simultaneously charge multiple Honda Mobile Power Packs and supply replacement battery packs; and the Honda Mobile Power Pack Charge & Supply - Portable Concept, a portable charger concept for mobile power packs that can also serve as an outdoor power source.


The compact battery can be used to power an electric car, scooter or just as an energy source in a camp or home. A charging module has also been developed where the user can swap the discharged battery with a fully charged one.

There's also a portable unit like a power generator. This unit can charge the battery and then power devices from the charged battery. The 300 x 180 x 160mm 1kWh battery weighs around 10kg. Honda showcased these concepts for the first in India at iTEC India 2017. Prior to India, Honda started feasibility its study in the ASEAN region primarily in Indonesia and Philippines.

EVs on two and four wheels
At iEVTech 2018, Honda is also exhibiting two electric vehicles powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack – the PCX Electric, an electric scooter outfitted with Honda’s high-output electric, and the MC β, a micro-sized short-distance EV commuter concept car.

In addition, the UNI-CUB β, a personal mobility device powered by a lithium-ion battery which features balance control technology that originates from Honda’s research into humanoid robots, ASIMO, is being showcased and test ride at the event.

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