Honda patents 11-speed triple-clutch automatic transmission

by Danni Bagnall, Autocar UK 26 Aug 2016


Honda has filed a patent for a transmission system with 11 gears and three clutches. The transmission has been designed to improve efficiency while decreasing the loss of torque when changing gear (something that can often occur in dual-clutch systems), as well as reducing shift times and allowing for gears to be skipped.

The manufacturer currently uses single-speed continuously variable transmissions (CVT) in its smaller cars. These gearboxes are renowned for being more fragile, so are better suited for smaller cars where simplicity and ease of use is key. Seeing as the new gearbox has been designed to increase efficiency, it could warrant usage on any number of models.

A source at Honda told Autocar UK: “Honda has patented a new triple-clutch, 11-speed transmission system, however, we’re unable to confirm the plans of its use.

“We have both the new Civic and new CR-V coming soon, but as it’s only just been patented, it’s very unlikely it’ll be on any batch of cars for a while.”

Despite a patent being filed, it’s unclear as to whether it will even make production. If Honda puts the new system into production and it’s a success, expect to see other manufacturers following suit.

Honda also confirmed there were currently no plans for the gearbox to come to the UK.

Currently, the 10-speed automatic transmission from Ford Motor Company and General Motors holds the record for the gearbox with the most gears. This transmission makes its debut in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Ford F-150 – both due in 2017.

Ford is reportedly said to also be working on an 11-speed gearbox.

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Source: Autocar UK


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