Honda to exhibit Smart Hydrogen Station at Japanese expo

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Oct 2014

Honda Motor Co has announced that it will exhibit a full-scale mockup of the Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS), and the Portable Inverter Box that enables external feeding of electricity from a fuel cell electric vehicle at the CEATEC JAPAN 2014, along with other products and technologies. CEATEC JAPAN will take place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from today, October 7 through to October 11, 2014.

Honda says it has been committed to the development of sustainable energy technologies and electromotive technologies for mobility products. With the hope to enable more people to see and experience such Honda technologies and products, Honda will exhibit them at the comprehensive and cutting-edge IT and electronic exhibition, CEATEC JAPAN for the second consecutive year.

Honda’s booth with the concept ‘SUISO JAPAN powered by Honda’ offers proposals for an exciting lifestyle with automobiles in the forthcoming hydrogen society. The exhibits will be organized under three themes – ‘generate’, ‘use’ and ‘get connected’.

Under ‘generate’, Honda will exhibit a full-size mockup of the Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) and provide an easy-to-understand introduction of the system that generates hydrogen. The SHS is equipped with Honda’s original high-pressure water electrolysis system that does not require a compressor. Moreover, the SHS was jointly developed by Honda and Iwatani Corporation as the world’s first hydrogen station where the key components including a high-pressure hydrogen tank and a fueling nozzle are housed in a box-shaped package.

For the theme of ‘use’, Honda will introduce technologies for a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCV) which is powered by an electric motor that uses electricity generated through the chemical reaction of hydrogen generated by the hydrogen station. The exhibit includes formula car-like display that enables visitors to have fun while experiencing the concept of the use of hydrogen energy.

Finally, under the theme of ‘get connected’, Honda will introduce new scenarios where automobiles are getting connected to people’s everyday lives. By combining an FCV, which generates electricity, with Honda’s inverter technologies, the FCV can be turned into a movable and small-sized power plant that provides electricity to the community.

Moreover, Honda will introduce the ‘ROAD H!NTS’, a new internavi service which will connect automobiles and cities in the vicinity via communication technologies. The users receive timely and carefully selected information depending on each location of their vehicles.

 Illustration: The Honda booth at CEATEC Japan

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