HERE Marketplace adds weather data for location-aware, weather-intelligent applications

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 13 Apr 2021

HERE Technologies, a leading location data and technology platform has announced CustomWeather has joined the HERE Marketplace, which will provide software developers seamless access to weather and climate data.

The company says weather conditions and environmental data are increasingly used by automakers, in transportation and logistics, and across supply chains to improve operations, driver safety and end-customer satisfaction.

The HERE platform’s Marketplace offers secure data exchange, essential location data and technology and a rich ecosystem of partners. With CustomWeather data multiple industries can develop business-enhancing solutions on the HERE platform, including:

  • Transport and Logistics: Fleet managers can plan and respond when high winds threaten to overturn vehicles or severe weather impacts driving conditions. Solar radiation data delivers insights on road temperatures and tyre wear. Severe weather alerts, storm cell tracking, and real-time weather monitoring enable efficient route planning and delivery.
  • Energy, Renewables and Utilities: Utility planning, site placement and capacity management are aided by historical weather data analysis. Severe weather alerts, lightning strike data, and storm cell tracking enable emergency response and preparation.
  • Insurance: Historical weather and climate data aid in modelling short- and long-term risk. CustomWeather provides comprehensive flood forecasting and analysis to insurance companies worldwide. Accurate post-event weather data supports claim management and verification.
  • Transportation: Precision forecasting, weather alerts, storm cell tracking and Doppler radar can be ingested by vehicle advanced drivers assistance systems (ADAS) using the HERE Platform. Extreme temperatures and humidity impact EV battery life, making temperature forecasts an important component of range limits and anticipated recharging stops.

Geoff Flint, president and CEO, CustomWeather said: “The HERE Marketplace is an ideal platform for us to connect with new partners to create novel, meaningful weather solutions. The HERE Marketplace focus on location-based data aligns with our weather insights and capabilities, and we look forward to seeing what can be built with these incredibly relevant datasets.”

Jonathan Abon, VP Product Development, Platform, Here Technologies said: “Location and weather data are two of the most important pieces of information in business operations. Requests for these datasets only increase as industry digitalisation and ubiquitous device connectivity reach scale. We are thrilled to have CustomWeather join the Marketplace and to see what developers build with the unique insights that location and weather intelligence provide.”

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