Hanergy and Bollore group sign up for solar electric vehicles

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 31 Jul 2018

China-based clean energy company Hanergy announced that its subsidiary, Donghan new energy automotive technology has signed an agreement with Bluecar, an electric car company that is supplied by Bollore, designed by Pininfarina and manufactured by Cecomp, for the development of solar electric vehicles.

The strategic framework agreement was signed between Wang Xin, general manager of Donghan new energy automotive technology and Herve Champion, vice president of strategic cooperation and purchasing of Bollore group. Under the aegis of the strategic agreement, the two parties will discuss the possibilities of the collaboration in designing, manufacturing and in producing the solar electric vehicles.

According to the companies, there are going to be more similar agreements where the two parties are going to cooperate in the designing, development and production of solar vehicles to fully guarantee the life and the safety of solar vehicles. They are also foreshadowing another agreement where they are going to develop the technology to harness solar power on a car as a source of power for indigenously developed solid-state lithium batteries.

Donghan new energy automotive technology signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Bluecar

They also plan to ink an agreement to leverage their respective hardware and software in the field of intelligent travel and public transportation. Lastly, one agreement is also being proposed to further expand their cooperation in the development and construction of R&D centres, production bases and other projects in areas of agreement including Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Zhang Bin, Hanergy's senior vice president said, "We at Hanergy are happy to lead the solar electric fleet adoption around the globe and are glad to partner with Bollore Group. We are now looking forward to working with Bollore Group to fully guarantee the life and the safety of solar vehicles around the globe."

Hanergy currently claims to hold four world records in the field of thin-film solar energy. It has applied for more than 5,000 patents for thin-film solar energy. The company reportedly has cooperated with Audi, BAIC and FAW to develop thin-film solar roofs for various models of the car.

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