Groupe Renault introduces EZ-FLEX on Dassault Systemes platform

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 23 May 2019

Renault EZ-FLEX developed on Dassault Systemes' 3DExperience platform

The in-house LCI (Cooperative Innovation Laboratory) of Groupe Renault used Dassault Systemes’  ‘3DEXPERIENCE’ platform to transform its innovation processes to the cloud and introduce Renault EZ-FLEX, an electric experimental vehicle aimed to understand the last-mile delivery of goods in future smart cities.

The LCI relied on the ‘Electro Mobility Accelerator’ industry solution experience based on the 3DExperience platform. Designers, engineers, system architects, cost analysts, marketers and other team members, as well as external partners and suppliers, were connected in a virtual value network that facilitated open innovation, secure collaboration, design and engineering in real time. According to Dassault Systemes, team members viewed and validated product aesthetics and technical requirements, analysed market trends, and managed the project using 3D digital assets such as immersive virtual reality, information intelligence and a digital twin of the vehicle.

Laurence Montanari, senior innovation manager and head of the EZ-FLEX Project, Groupe Renault said, “The 3DExperience platform opens new avenues for collaborative digital tools applied to the automotive world that go beyond pure engineering design. Our Renault EZ-FLEX project tested it to bring together project stakeholders from engineering, design and product marketing – each with their own challenges – around the vehicle’s digital model. Using a cloud version without any customisation gave us the autonomy to engage in a new digital ‘test and learn’ experience with dashboard managers, powerful realistic rendering images, urban delivery web monitoring, and virtual visualization with a headset but without data transfer or processing.”

As the rise in e-commerce feeds demand for faster delivery of goods to consumers, the LCI’s last-mile delivery vehicle showcases innovative experimentation of a smart and modular solution to load, transport and unload goods in cities integrating electric mobility systems.

Olivier Sappin, vice president, transportation and mobility industry, Dassault Systemes said, “The future for carmakers is not about just building individual vehicles or going from point A to point B. It’s about developing completely new mobility experiences that change how we live. Today’s established companies are being challenged by startups and newcomers that don’t have legacy systems and are agile from the get-go. A platform approach enables the LCI to reveal its knowledge and know-how, and introduce concepts for potential new business models.”

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