Gordon Murray wins RAC's Dewar Trophy

by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK 03 Nov 2016

Leading British designer Gordon Murray was awarded the Royal Automobile Club's prestigious Dewar Trophy at a ceremony in London yesterday, for his iStream production technology and the Global Vehicle Trust OX flat-pack truck

The Dewar Trophy is awarded for outstanding British technical achievement in the automotive world and only in years when the Club’s expert committee believes that there are contenders of sufficient merit, with winners joining a line-up of automotive greats.

Gordon Murray Design’s disruptive automotive manufacturing system introduces affordable Formula One technology to everyday motoring and it represents the first major step change in automotive manufacturing since high-volume production began in the early 20th century.

Three of Gordon Murray Design’s customers recently announced iStream products. Yamaha Motor Company announced its electric city car MOTIV.e in 2013 which employs iStream, and its Sports Car last November which is built around iStream carbon. Last month, the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) launched the OX Flat-Pack truck which incorporates iStream zero and TVR showed their new Sports Car at the London Motor Show earlier this year, which will be built around iStream carbon.  Gordon Murray Design was responsible for the design and engineering of all four vehicles.

Gordon Murray Design is currently working on five iStream products for three customers and is processing a further 11 iStream enquiries from a total of nine different countries.

Upon receiving the award, Murray said: “It’s a great honour to receive such a prestigious award on behalf of our company. I am extremely proud of what our team has achieved in industrialising iStream. Our mission has been to develop Formula 1 technology to a point where it is accessible to the everyday motorist and to enable affordable lightweighting and to introduce new levels of automotive durability and safety.”

Previous winners of the Dewar Trophy include McLaren in 2013, for the P1, and in 1959 it was awarded to the British Motor Corporation and Alec Issigonis for the Mini.

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