German start-up Sono Motors unveils solar car 'Sion'

by Autocar Pro News Desk 28 Jul 2017

German startup Sono Motors has unveiled its solar car Sion that claims to have a range of 250km, with retail price tag of 16,000 € (Rs 12.23 lakh) without battery. The battery can be availed at a one-time transaction of less than 4,000 € (Rs 3.05 lakh) or can be rented on a per month basis.

The start-up aims at changing the way electric vehicles are perceived and making it ideal for daily usage. With a bunch of unique features that claim will bring affordable e-mobility to the masses.

The car will sport features including, ABS, alarm, passenger airbag, electric front windows, ESP, driver airbag, side airbag, power assisted steering, daytime running lights (LED), immobilizer and central locking system. 

Additional Features

viSono (from “vision”) that helps the car to run an additional 30 kilometers per day that uses self-charging system from power generated through its integrated solar cells. 


The car will feature a natural air filter to improve indoor air quality, termed breSono. A unique Iceland moss will be integrated in the dashboard, when the ventilation system is activated outdoor air would pass through the moss that will get cleaned using natural process. The company claims the moss can last years without any need to water, fertilize, trim or exposure to natural light. 


Another feature being highlighted by the company is "biSono" system (from "bi-directional") which allows the vehicle's battery not only to be charged, but also supply energy, making the vehicle a mobile power-station. With an output of 6.6 kW, even other electric cars can be charged.


Additionally optional trailer coupling will be offered to customers with a capacity of 1300 kg. (The range will be affected by the tensile load). 
Sono Motors sees the future of mobility in various sharing options. The Sion will be equipped with three different mobility-services: powerSharing, carSharing and rideSharing. Via a smart phone app, car rides and electricity can be offered to other users. In addition, it is possible to lend the Sion to other users, for a certain time-period.

After the release event, Sono Motors will start a test drive tour through Western Europe. Events will take place in 12 cities and 6 countries. The tour will start on the 18th of August in Munich.




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