GAC Motor debuts at 2019 St Petersburg International Motor show

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 05 Apr 2019

GAC Motor's GS8 SUV in Russia

GAC Motor has made its debut at the 2019 St Petersburg International Motor Show (‘the Motor Show’) with nine of the brand's star models including SUVs, MPVs, sedans and a new energy vehicle. The automaker also revealed an update to its plans to enter the Russian market in 2019 with its top-selling product.

Yu Jun, President of GAC Motor said, “Russia's automobile market has maintained double-digit growth over the past two years. We believe the surging demand for cars needs to be satisfied with diversified products and services. That is why we are here; GAC Motor is committed to creating better products of higher quality that offer a pleasant mobile lifestyle for global consumers. We hope that Russian people enjoy the fine design and good quality of GAC Motor's products.”

Yu Jun, President of GAC Motor

GAC Motor is steadily laying out its strategic plan for the Russian market. The automaker first announced that it would enter Russia during its debut at the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) in August 2018. Its overseas subsidiary in Russia, GAC Motor RUS, is now in operation to prepare for product releases and the opening of new stores.

As per official reports, GAC Motor is adopting a path has been ranked no.1 in J D Power Asia Pacific’s China Initial Quality study (IQS) for six years in a row. They further claim that their designs and technologies were highly praised by Russian dealers and consumers. GAC Motor has also announced the signing of cooperation intention agreements with several Russian dealers. At 2019 St Petersburg International Motor Show, GAC Motor showcased the new energy SUV GE3 version 530, the GM8 and GM6 MPVs, GA4 and GA8 sedans, as well as four SUVs – the GS8, GS5, GS4 and GS3. The GM6 and GS5 were shown to the Russian audience for the first time.

GAC in Russia

Feng Xingya, President of GAC (third from left), Alexsandr Kovrigin, Vice President of the Organizing Committee of SPIMS (third from right), Luo Xin, Commercial Consul of Consulate General of P.R.C in St. Petersburg (second from left), Lou Jiahong, Consul of Consulate General of P.R.C in St. Petersburg (second from right), Chen Hanjun, Vice President of GAC (first from left), and Yu Jun, President of GAC Motor (first from right)

GAC Motor will introduce the GS8 this year and other star models in the near future, which are now being evaluated and certified by relevant Russian government departments:

  • The GS8, the flagship luxury 7-seat SUV, and the first model to the Russian market, will have a special edition for Russia that offers an all-terrain driving mode, smart safety configurations, a state-of-the-art all-wheel-drive system, fully-independent suspension system and high-performance chassis shock filters
  • The GM8, GAC Motor's first MPV product could showcase GAC Motor's industry-leading technologies along with its design, luxurious VIP seating, smart features and worry-free safety guarantees.
  • The GS5, an SUV with an advanced engine and exclusive function.

After 4 days at the Motor Show, GAC Motor has announced that it will also join the Russian Association of Auto Dealers (ROAD) annual meeting and host brand promotion events on April 10 to welcome and communicate with more interested dealers.