Evoke Motorcycles reveals final design of new 6061 electric power cruiser

by Nilesh Wadhwa 04 Apr 2019

Four days after Autocar Professional revealed the strategic game-plan of China-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer Evoke Motorcycles to enter India with a competitively priced electric bike, the company today released its final concept designs for its premium electric muscle bike (codenamed Kruzer) christened Evoke 6061.

The premium electric motorcycle, which now enters the prototyping stage, incorporates green mobility in terms of design and lithium-ion batteries in a muscle bike, power-cruiser package.

The company says the Evoke 6061 derives its name from its unique ‘Twin Plate Frame’, which employs a precision laser cutting process that slices out the bike’s frame and battery box from solid T6061 aluminium billet pieces (6061 is a precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy, which contains magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements).

In terms of design, the premium Evoke 6061 sees the powertrain components, battery packs and tubular subsections directly mounted to the Twin Plate Frame, along with the similarly designed Twin Plate swingarm. The 6061 also gets an on-board 10-inch touch-screen.

On the performance front, the Evoke 6061 will utilise a high output in-runner motor, coupled to a chain final drive. The bike manufacturer says the powertrain on the Evoke 6061 will be available with up to 120kW (160hp) and over 200 lbs/ft of torque. For handling the power on the ground, the green machine will come with a DCT (dual compound tyre) size 200/55-17 at the rear with a matching DCT 140/70-17 in the front.

Gen 2 battery packs on Evoke 6061
Powering the powertrain is Evoke’s Gen 2 Battery Packs, featuring charging from 0- 80 percent SOC in a scant 15 minutes. Evoke’s Gen 2 Battery Packs combine software and hardware to precisely control the thermal range in which the individual 18650 cells are allowed to fluctuate through, which extends the service life of the battery pack and allows for faster charging and discharge speeds.

The Evoke 6061 will feature 6 modules of the company's Gen 2 Battery Packs for a combined onboard maximum capacity of 15.4kWh.

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