Continental launches online platform for automotive software solutions

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 24 Jan 2020

Continental, the technology company, has developed a new online platform called the ‘Continental Cooperation Portal’ that automates and standardises software development and integration into the vehicle. It offers a solution for the need of vehicle manufacturers to integrate an exponentially growing amount of software into future vehicle generations.

As a system integrator, Continental is simultaneously creating the conditions for the development of connected vehicles, whose electronic architecture focuses on high-performance computers (HPCs) and replaces the traditional, distributed control unit architecture. It has been observed that due to many manual processes and a lack of standardization, the process leading up to integrated software has been extremely time-consuming up until now. Continental claims that previously the applications were tested manually after their delivery, possible errors were corrected, and then the whole process was started from the beginning again – an approach that is quite inefficient in modern vehicles that use software from up to 50 suppliers. With the new Continental Cooperation Portal, it is being guaranteed that only error-free applications would be transferred into the actual development system. The company claims that the new platform will reduce the need for correction loops and free up capacity for implementing other control unit functions.

Johann Hiebl, head of Continental’s Connected Car Networking business unit said, “The importance of software for vehicles is rising at a rapid pace. By developing the Continental Cooperation Portal, we have created a tool for implementing software and services from a wide range of providers in vehicle servers. As a system integrator and strategic partner, we are working with manufacturers to meet the challenges of the increasing complexity of software integration in modern vehicles.”

According to Continental, the Continental Cooperation Portal can be individually customised for each software project. By allowing documents such as logs and manuals to be saved, the portal becomes the central communication platform and gives all project participants access to all of the latest information. Encrypted data transmission also enables the portal to provide a high level of security. 

Continental’s HPC, connects the new VW ID electric vehicles as an in-car application server. The HPC makes it possible for a high level of vehicle connectivity, which can be used for purposes such as installing new functions and safety updates by radio, and keeping the vehicle’s software up-to-date throughout its entire lifetime.