Continental’s new powertrain spinoff is now called Vitesco Technologies

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 01 Oct 2019

Continental's former powertrain division will now operate under the name Vitesco Technologies, effective immediately. The company, which has been operating independently since January 2019, is now rolling out its new market identity at its approximately 50 locations worldwide.

The central headquarters of Vitesco Technologies is at Siemensstrasse in Regensburg. Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco Technologies said, “Our goal is clean and sustainable mobility. That's why we make the core of every vehicle - the engine - smart and electric. I am very pleased about our new dynamic market presence. This underlines our clear claim to leadership in clean drives, today and in the future.”

It is being estimated world over that almost 50 percent of the vehicles by 2030 would be electric or hybrid. It is being predicted that the mild hybridisation of the combustion engines will be of enormous importance in the coming years. Drastic reduction of emissions is at the top of the political and social agenda around the world. Depending on the region, this development progresses at different speeds.

L-R: Vitesco Technologies CFO Werner Volz and CEO Andreas Wolf

L-R: Vitesco Technologies CFO Werner Volz and CEO Andreas Wolf

Wolf further adds, “As an established company we can now respond more quickly and efficiently to the demands of our industry, and better leverage our strengths. We want to play a leading part in the electrification of the engine.”

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