Bridgestone to showcase mobility solutions and virtual city of the future at CES 2021

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Jan 2021

Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone), a leading company focussing on delivering sustainable mobility and advanced solutions to customers around the world is set to return to CES 2021. As part of the digital exhibition, the company will unveil Bridgestone World, an interactive city showcasing how Bridgestone innovations will power a more sustainable mobility future.

Through live online showcases and on-demand feature videos, it aims to foster opportunities for collaboration with partners across the technology spectrum.

Paolo Ferrari, president and CEO, Bridgestone Americas and, and executive vice president and executive officer, Bridgestone Corporation said: “Active, intelligent and digitally integrated technologies are critical to our goal of creating new value for society and customers through sustainable mobility and advanced solutions. As we progress on this journey, we are eager to engage with other innovators and leaders to imagine a better future for mobility."

Bridgestone World, specifically developed in response to this year's virtual CES format, allows users to peer into urban, suburban, industrial and transport settings in a city of the future, and explore how the company's connected products and data-driven services will address pain points, improve consumers' mobility experience and create greater social and customer value. The tool's central urban environment allows users to explore Bridgestone's evolution into a high-tech company that enhances its core tyre and rubber offering through smart tyre and advanced mobility technologies. Bridgestone World aims to showcase how the company is reimagining itself to help people and businesses manage their vehicles in a safer, smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable way.

The company will also engage directly with CES attendees through live and on-demand presentations that explore how the company is using smart tyre technology, advanced data analytics and new business models to put tyres at the centre of a sustainable mobility system, now and in the future.

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