BorgWarner to supply advanced eTurbo to European carmaker

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 May 2021

High-voltage hybrid vehicle production with BorgWarner's electrified turbocharger is expected to begin in September 2023.

BorgWarner has entered into a global agreement to supply its advanced eTurbo to a major European OEM for use in a high-voltage hybrid passenger car.

BorgWarner says its advanced electric boosting technology provides significant engine efficiency and performance benefits while also enabling the automotive manufacturer to meet increasingly strict emissions regulations. This will be the company's first application of its electrically assisted turbocharger in a high-voltage hybrid vehicle.

“Our eTurbo is a single machine solution with integrated power electronics able to deliver robust electrified boost assistance and recuperation to a wide range of vehicles,” said Joe Fadool, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Emissions, Thermal and Turbo Systems.

“BorgWarner has a long, productive history with this manufacturer, and we are excited to deliver enhanced engine efficiency and performance to our client through this 400V hybrid application.”

What is the eTurbo?
The eTurbo is a mechanical turbocharger equipped with an ultra-high-speed electric motor coupled directly to the shaft. Customers have the choice of integrated or semi-integrated power electronics.

BorgWarner’s solution provides the additional benefit of electrified boost assistance for enhanced response along with customary turbocharger advantages. It delivers more than 200% faster transient boost response, along with a 50% reduction in time-to-torque, nearly eliminating turbo lag and further supporting engine downsizing. This electrified turbocharger is especially well suited for Miller cycle engine concepts, delivering both improved fuel economy and reduced emissions without any loss of performance.

The eTurbo can also serve as a generator, able to collect excess exhaust energy and convert it into electrical energy. Repurposing the energy is effective for accessory power or charging the battery, even enabling the use of a smaller battery size. Additional benefits of the boosting technology include its ability to decrease emissions through aftertreatment management and precise air-fuel ratio control. By having the capability to increase engine backpressure to reduce emissions, the eTurbo also supports on-demand exhaust gas recirculation.

High-voltage hybrid vehicle production with BorgWarner's electrified turbocharger is expected to begin in September 2023.


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