BMW CE 04 e-scooter uses Marelli’s inverter

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 23 Feb 2022

Tier 1 supplier Marelli has been selected as the supplier for the inverter, which it says is a core component of the electric engine for the new BMW CE 04 electric scooter. The inverter is designed to optimise the utilisation and reuse of energy, maximising performance and efficiency. 

The inverter enables the conversion from DC (Direct Current) power derived from batteries to three phase AC (alternating current) electric power needed for the electric motor. The company says motorcycle electric applications move the challenges to a higher level, as they have to fit stringent dimensional limits, need to work in an external environment (coping with extreme hot and cold conditions, water and humidity, among others.) and require high power density.

In particular, the inverter for the BMW CE 04 electric scooter delivers 43.5 kW peak at nominal voltage of 145 Volt, with full performance (300 Ampere rms) in the 115-175 Volt range. 

This type of inverter developed by Marelli features distinctive characteristics such as flexibility and a scalable architecture, as it can have more powerful versions (up to 450 Ampere rms - 348 Volt) fitting in the same space and dimensions. 

Hannes Prenn, president, Marelli’s Vehicle Electrification division said, “The inverter technology is a key enabler to ensure efficient energy management in every electric vehicle. That’s why we continue to design advanced solutions in this field, both for four-wheels and two-wheels, to complement our electrification offer, that also includes electric powertrains and thermal solutions.” 

The inverter software is also developed by Marelli, with BMW providing the vehicle software, hosted by an ECU located in the same inverter case. The software is compliant with Autosar (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) standards and specifically customised for the diagnostic standards required by BMW. Functional Safety requirements are compliant to ASIL B (Automotive Safety Integrity Level B) standard.

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