Apollo Vredestein launches new all-season Comtrac 2 tyre for Europe  

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 Jan 2017

Tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein has just announced the launch of the Comtrac 2, a completely new all-season tyre for the light truck and van market in Europe, in 10 sizes.

Specifically designed for safety and comfort in all weather conditions whilst carrying heavy loads, the Comtrac 2 sports new, high-quality silica compound and improved performance over its predecessor. “The Comtrac 2 is a significant addition to our offerings, as vans and light trucks are common among fleets and we intend to target that sector with Vredestein’s comprehensive range of products,” said country manager Karl Naylor.

The Comtrac 2’s main features are:

- Open lateral shoulder grooves and wider longitudinal grooves to optimise water dispersion.

- Improved shape of footprint and new silica compound for better grip on wet roads and lower rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption.

- Increased tread stiffness and new sipe design for more balanced pressure distribution and reduced deformation under loadThese improvements result in a reduction in wet braking distance of 11.7 metres (measured from 80km/h), along with 10% improved stability with heavy loads and 5% improvement on rolling resistance compared to the outgoing Comtrac all-season.

Apollo Vredestein is having the world premiere of the Vredestein Comtrac 2 all-season tyre at the biennial AutoZum show (Salzburg, Austria, 18-21 January) in Hall 10. It features a BMW M4 tuned by Hamann and fitted with Vredestein tyres. There is also a display of tyres created by Vredestein together with its other premium styling (and rim) partners Brock, AEZ and BBS.