Apollo Tyres launches all-terrain Vredestein Pinza in Europe

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 15 Jul 2022

Apollo Tyres is launching its first dedicated all-terrain tyre, the Vredestein Pinza, in Europe.

The result of a five-year global R&D programme, the company says “the Pinza has been designed to be the most capable off-road Vredestein tyre ever, while at the same time offering superior standards of on-road grip, traction, rolling resistance and refinement. The result is the best balance of on- and off-road capabilities of any all-terrain tyre on the market.”  

Targeted at 4x4s, pick-ups, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) that venture off-road, the Pinza is available to customers in Europe from August, in 24 dimensions and with more size options to follow later.

The tread on the Pinza features a distinctive four-groove herringbone pattern and full-depth interlocking sipes that offer excellent grip on all surfaces – including mud, sand, ice and snow – while minimising on-road noise. A robust three-pitched shoulder features aggressive ‘biting’ edges to further aid loose-surface grip, and twisted ‘stone ejectors’ have been incorporated into the tread to help clear debris.

The new Pinza features a three-ply triplex casing for enhanced durability, while a unique sidewall design extends the aggressive tread pattern for a rugged aesthetic befitting a tyre in this category, as well as providing enhanced protection from rocks and ruts.

High levels of on-road grip
Alongside its prodigious off-road capabilities, the Pinza has been engineered to deliver high levels of on-road grip and refinement. Multi-pitch technology and broad tread blocks help to minimise noise and maximise steering precision, and the use of a fifth-generation polymer compound and deep sipes ensure outstanding grip in all conditions.

Underlining its all-weather credentials and further differentiating it from many other products in the all-terrain segment, the Pinza has secured ‘3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake’ certification, signifying that it delivers superior standards of grip and traction on snow and icy surfaces.

Designed in-house
The new tyre has been designed and developed by Apollo Tyres’ in-house R&D operation in the Netherlands, with extensive use of simulated and real-world analysis to achieve an optimal balance of performance characteristics. The result of the most ambitious product-specific R&D project in the brand’s 113-year history, the Vredestein Pinza has been tested in challenging all-weather conditions, both on and off-road, in North America, Finland, South Africa and the Middle East.

The Pinza will be offered in two types of construction: ‘P’ and ‘LT’. The more aggressive ‘LT’ tyre pattern is suited for working vehicles that are primarily used on more demanding off-road terrain. The ‘P’ variant features a more road-biased design, making it ideal for fitment to passenger vehicles.

“In addition to incorporating new designs and materials, we have utilised our experience in the all-season tyre market to deliver the perfect balance of off-road ruggedness and on-road civility,” said Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Tyres Europe. “Extensive AI-driven analysis and real-world testing across multiple geographies and climates has then helped our research and development team give the Pinza a unique balance of on- and off-road attributes.”


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