AT&T and Peugeot Scooters showcase Mahindra Genze powered Peugeot 2.0 scooter

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 30 May 2018

AT&T and Peugeot Scooters were at Viva Technology 2018 with the launch of Peugeot 2.0 – a connected electric scooter. They are calling it as a two-wheeled freedom that would transform the way people would move around the cities.

Peugeot 2.0 is the result of a synergy between Peugeot Scooters and Mahindra GenZe. The connected scooter uses AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the AT&T Global SIM and the AT&T Control Center.

Peugeot 2.0 is connected to a cloud solution that collects information (vehicle, battery & engine data, and GPS localisation). The data is accessible through a mobile app. It provides information about localisation, battery level, quick diagnosis, charge history, among others. A fleet management portal is also available for professional-operating small fleets. This portal gives an overview of the entire fleet localisation and dashboards with an access to deep information concerning the vehicles and their batteries.

AT&T guest speaker, Jacques Bonneville, vice president, Electric Vehicles at Peugeot Motorcycles (Peugeot Scooters) presented Peugeot 2.0 at the show with his vision of the future of urban transport on May 25 at the VivaTech Media Lounge.

Anand Mahindra, executive chairman of the Mahindra Group, has commented through his social media profiles that this Genze powered scooter is a good example of leveraging synergies within the group.

The result is a clean, carbon-free alternative to help solve traffic congestion in some of the world’s busiest cities. The idea is to show the way for pay-as-you-go transport service that lets users recharge at any standard electrical outlet or at home, thanks to a removable battery. The rear storage can bear the rider's belongings and also includes a charging compartment for the electronic devices under the driver’s seat. 


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