December 15, 2021

December 15, 2021

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IIM-A starts course on mental wellbeing
by Shahkar Abidi 08 Jan 2022

It is for the first time that a complete well-rounded course has been curated by IIM-A.

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Net zero: Strategy to save Planet Earth
by Sumana Sarkar 03 Jan 2022

Net zero is no doubt the hottest topic on earth. India’s zero emission target by 2070 is seen to be bold, ambitious and challenging. Environment exper...

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For Venkatram Mamillapalle, Country CEO and Managing Director of Renault India Operations, the top priority in these difficult times is to take care o...

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Siddharth Singh, one of the lead authors of IEA's India Energy Outlook, says scale and policies can help tilt the balance in favour of faster EV adopt...

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As the British automotive industry moves ahead with its initiatives to decarbonise road transport, the Chief Executive of the UK’s Society of Motor Ma...

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TVS Group company inks pact with 24M Technologies to produce EV batteries using cutting-edge ‘SemiSolid’ electrode technology and a li...

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Coimbatore-based Suba Plastics, which manufactures plastic mouldings, diversifies into other industries to de-risk itself from a further downturn in t...

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