Jonathan Wood – Executive Director (Research & Engineering), Cummins Turbo Technologies (Global)

Cummins Technologies, part of Cummins Inc, the world’s largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products, is working on a new set of products and technologies that will help enhance the emission and efficiency of commercial vehicles.

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Jonathan Wood – Executive Director (Research & Engineering), Cummins Turbo Technologies (Global)

Of the next generation technologies at Cummins, which one or which combination promises the maximum improvement in fuel efficiency and how?
The Waste Heat Turbine Expander will generate the largest improvement in fuel efficiency with the potential of a 5 percent improvement on a on-highway truck. However, the new components that are being introduced across the range of next-generation turbochargers will go a long way towards fuel efficiency improvements.

Vehicle OEMs’ increased focus on downsizing has created a market for small turbochargers. Is Cummins also present/ planning to enter this segment? What is the size of the smallest Cummins turbocharger currently?
There has always been a market for small turbochargers in the commercial vehicle industry, with the likes of smaller delivery vans across Europe and the US as well as the India and China markets. Cummins produces a 2.8-litre engine which is itssmallest engine and we supply the turbocharger; this is currently the smallest turbo we manufacture.

Which segment of vehicles would be appropriate for the Waste Heat Turbine Expander? When will it be launched and in which vehicle?
The waste heat recovery system can be used for any format in principle; it would just need to be resized. Currently, we have been focusing on a prototype for the on-highway truck market but we are looking into all sizes all the way up to high horsepower. We have customers who are testing prototypes in the field at the moment (for the truck market) but we are still a long way from production. We are ready with the technology. We are now waiting for the customers to make the next moves. It will all depend on emission standards and legislation, but we estimate 2018-22.

Is India a target market for the Waste heat Turbine Expander?
India will use the technology eventually but this system is mainly being created for the legislation and requirements that will come after Euro 6/EPA14.

Can you explain the focus of Cummins in developing technologies/products focused at harnessing heat/energy that usually goes waste in a vehicle?
Emission levels are as low as they can go when we look at such legislation as Euro6. So we cannot take them any lower. The next steps will be to make the engine more efficient as even the modern day diesel engine is only around 45 percent efficient. One way of doing this is to harness the wasted heat and gases from the engine or turbocharger to create a range of products that can increase the efficiency of an engine by 5-10 percent. This will be a key focus for turbo technologies as the new requirements from governments and customers start to come to the forefront.

Can you elaborate the ways in which Cummins is partnering OEMs in downsizing engines but also enhance performance: fuel efficiency ratio?
Cummins Turbo Technologies is working with OEMs to try to downsize the turbocharger, to make them smaller, lightweight but still retain the power needed to fit requirements. For example, this should ensure that a 3- litre engine should perform like a 4.5-litre engine therefore ensuring more efficiency.

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