Top 10 ways to save fuel

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Jun 2016

Today – World Environment Day – is a good day to think green and make fuel-saving resolutions. 

If you do lots of kilometres or want to cut your fuel use and emissions, you could consider specialist eco-driving tuition. If you drive a company car, nag your fleet manager to send you on a course proper training could save your company thousands in fuel bills.

Maybe you just want to save cash. If so, follow our 10 top tips to save fuel and you could save thousands of rupees.

10 ways to s-t-r-e-t-c-h every litre of fuel

1. Keep it moving

Your car uses most fuel getting away from a standstill, so keep it moving. Pull away slowly and anticipate the road ahead, keeping a good distance from the traffic in front. That way, you'll need to stop fewer times.

2. Shift up sooner

Change up a gear as soon as possible. The fewer revs the engine is doing at any given speed, the more kilometres it'll do to the litre.

3. Shed weight

Don't carry empty child seats, a boot full of tools or unnecessary baggage. The lighter your car is, the less fuel it'll use.

4. Eco-routes

The way you get to places makes a big difference to your fuel economy. Think ahead and plan economical routes. Also, remember that a longer route may ease your fuel bills if it includes less stop-start traffic.

5. Slash your speed

The slower you're going in top gear, the more kilometres you'll do per litre. Cruise at 70kph rather than 120kph on the highway and you'll use roughly 50% less fuel.

6. Stay in gear

Modern cars shut off the fuel injectors when you're coasting in gear. Staying in gear for as long as possible when you're slowing down will save cash.

7. Turn off gadgets

Turn off your air-con and you could save up to 20% on fuel. Other electrics (headlights, stereos and sat-navs, for example) also demand lots of energy from the engine.

8. Pump 'em up!

Underinflated tyres create drag. If you keep yours correctly inflated, you'll use up to 25% less fuel.

9. Go streamlined

Remove your roof rack or roof box if it's not needed, and wind up the windows whenever possible.

10. Traffic turn-off

Some modern cars will automatically switch off the engine when you come to a halt. If yours doesn't (and you're stationary for more than a minute), do it yourself.


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