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Top 10 fuel-efficient cars in India

by Siddhant Ghalla, Autocar India Mar 29, 2016


Of late, the commotion over emissions and pollution levels has reached an all-time high in India. Considering the government and public interest in curbing the amount of vehicular pollution, here’s a compilation of the most fuel-efficient cars available in the Indian market.

One caveat though: This list has been compiled on the basis of manufacturer-claimed fuel efficiency figures, obtained in ARAI testing conditions. These fuel efficiency numbers are what the car would deliver in ideal conditions. The real results in everyday driving on Indian roads are likely to be lower.

1. BMW i8 – 47.45 kpl


Not exactly an everyday car, but it is partly powered by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, which works in conjunction with an electric motor. A green, mean supercar, the i8 will put a smile on every driving enthusiast and environmentalist’s face.

2. Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) – 28.09 kpl


The Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) is a mild hybrid version of the diesel Ciaz, and it employs much subtle technology to improve on the non-SHVS Ciaz’s fuel efficiency, which is still an appreciable 26.2kpl.

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