Suren Ruhela: 'Our goal is to better integrate phones and cars and give drivers an ea...
by Nilesh Wadhwa 17 Aug 2018

Director, Program Management, Google Maps reveals what it is taken to come up trumps with the Indian motorist, developing a two-wheeler mode first for India and then other cou...

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Aims to set up an EV charging corridor on the expressway and plans to later extend the corridor towards Mysore and Bangalore.

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The membrane technology converts easily transportable ammonia into usable hydrogen using minimum technological complications.

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The technology will be able to cover the entire spectrum of power storage requirements of the country.

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The international robotics Olympics will see 192 nations compete against each other in Mexico City.

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Their aim is to develop advanced engine/fuel combinations with improvements in engine efficiency and CO2 reductions assessed from a well to wheel basi...

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Fully autonomous cars could be a fantasy
by Jim Holder, Autocar UK 08 Aug 2018

BMW’s Ian Robertson questions the viability of ‘brain-off’ self-driving car technology.

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MoveHack aims to bring about innovative, dynamic and scalable solutions to mobility problems in India; total prizes of over Rs 2 crore; top 30 solutio...

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The monetary reward is based on a program that intends to make the entire charging set up even more eco-friendly and efficient.

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A standard charging infrastructure will help an EV customer to save cost on the charging setup.

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The new EVs would be based on a Pininfarina-designed car that is plying in France for the past 7 years.

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Quanergy to begin mass production of its automotive-grade solid state LiDAR sensors.

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Partnership aimed to speed up neural networks for the car of the future and safety of AI systems.

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How secure is the realm of connected cars?
by Sherry C Kunjachan, Quest Global 27 Jul 2018

The unique challenges preventing OEMs from filling these cyber security gaps with a definite set of security practices and countermeasures.

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As per the claim, the new system enables the autonomous system to maintain normal steering capabilities under any situation.

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The device allows business and residential users to track and optimise their energy consumption.

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Used and new batteries from electric car help power the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam; it’s the biggest system of its kind in Europe.

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The ad campaign won three Lion trophies at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity in France.

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Exide enters into a joint venture with Swiss-based energy solution company Leclanche to access its technical knowhow and intellectual property.

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The new method allows different surfaces to be painted in different colours- all in a single process.

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According to an independent market research report from IDTechEx, fiber lasers are apt for lightweighting, battery manufacturing and LiDAR.

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