Insight: America's new car market is on a knife-edge
by Hilton Holloway, Autocar UK 04 Dec 2018

New cars are being revealed in droves at the Los Angeles motor show, but concern is growing for the survival of the US market.

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Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick show displays were empty for most of the first show day, which seems to reflect General Motor's financial woes.

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Electrification provides new challenges that the next Range Rover will have to overcome.

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Will autonomous cars affect the price of pizza?
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  13 Apr 2018

Ford's self-driving car test programme has created some American Hot topics of discussion - including the cost of food delivery.

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Why won't some car firms call an SUV an SUV?
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  19 Feb 2018

SUVs are hugely popular with buyers, yet some car makers seem afraid to use this label.

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Volvo must capitalise on its electric advantage now
by Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK  29 Jan 2018

It may seem like Volvo is ahead of the game, but others may soon catch up if it doesn't act fast.

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You’ve read this before, but this time around Peugeot really is coming to India. Nikhil Bhatia examines its product line-up and speculates on the mode...

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Trump takes aim at Mexico's car industry in his latest crusade, but what price will the wider car industry pay for this latest round of Trumpisms?

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A road less taken: cyber security for connected cars
by Shrikant Shitole, MD, India Symantec  01 Dec 2016

Online videos show hackers remotely taking control of cars in ways that can endanger drivers and passengers.

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Why autonomy won't kill off driving as we know it
by Matt Prior, Autocar UK  12 Nov 2016

Autonomous cars make sense on busy motorways, but our love of driving will prevent the end of it as we know.

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Tesla has had remarkable success in its formative years - so is this second masterplan really achievable?

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Autonomous driving is not so much about being able to check your emails or enjoy that burger as the car drives itself, as much as it is about the high...

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Can Tesla really build 500,000 cars a year?
by Julian Rendall, Autocar UK  10 May 2016

All-electric car maker says it can cope with rocketing demand, but doubts are cast over how suppliers will prop up parts supply

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Should Delhi ban diesels?
by Ray Minjares, Head of Clean Air Program, ICCT  04 May 2016

The Supreme Court has taken the decision that diesels bans and restrictions are necessary to protect public health.

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Sustainable mobility for the world’s poorest people
by Dr Chris Borroni-Bird  15 Apr 2016

Dr Borroni-Bird was previously GM’s Director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts & co-author with Dr Larry Burns & the late Prof. Bill Mitchell of...

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What is a truly autonomous car?
by Mike Duff, Autocar UK  20 Mar 2016

Manufacturers have different opinions on what true autonomy is and different expectations of when that technology will be available.

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A key focus of ‘Make In India’ is to encourage foreign investors to bring their manufacturing to India. The defence sector is emerging as one of the s...

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2,000: What’s in a number?
by Gavin D’Souza  16 Dec 2015

What are the factors that led to the selection of this particular number? We don’t know for sure, but we know the idea behind the ban was to curb the ...

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Fostering Innovation for a Better World
by Ravi Pandit  14 Sep 2015

From introducing the world of mathematics to the concept of zero, to developing the first scientific drainage system in the Indus civilisation circa 2...

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Pick up any car purchase criteria survey worldwide and ‘safety’ invariably appears amongst the top three criteria, much more important than in-vehicle...

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The government’s FAME India scheme elaborates the steps it will take to realise its vision for hybrid and electric vehicles

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