Yamaha Ray gets India Design Mark recognition

by 16 Apr 2013

New Delhi, April 17, 2013: India Yamaha Motor (IYM) has announced that its first scooter, the 113cc Ray has received the India Design Mark (I Mark) awarded by the India Design Council. It is one of 39 I Mark recipients this year. Following the award for the YZF-R15 received last year, this is IYM’s second I Mark award.

The India Design Council is affiliated with India’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry and comprises eminent people in academia, design and industry organisations. Its India Design Mark (I Mark) awards programme was initiated in cooperation with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, and in line with the same standards set by Japan's Good Design Award (G Mark).

First held in 2012, this design award is intended to increase design awareness and promote value of design in the industry and society in India and improve the quality of life overall by encouraging and giving recognition to good design. Applicants for the I Mark award must satisfy any two of the three requirements: Made in India, Designed in India or Sold in India. Furthermore, the product must pass other requirements, including that it is a complete and mass-produced product. The Ray, which is targeted at women riders, rolls out of the Faridabad plant and is manufactured on an assembly line managed by trained women personnel. Launched on September 14, 2012, the scooter sold 9,871 units in March 2013 and cumulative 60,281 units in 2012-13.

Commenting on the I Mark recognition, Hiroyuki Suzuki, CEO & MD, India Yamaha Motor, said, “I am very pleased with this recognition that I Mark has bestowed upon us and the Ray scooter. The response that we have been receiving for the Ray is very positive and encouraging.”

Photograph: Hiroyuki Suzuki, CEO and MD, India Yamaha Motor with Roy Kurian, national business head, at the Yamaha Ray launch in September 2012.

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