Rasandik bags Maruti Swift order

by 24 Apr 2006

Delhi-based Rasandik Engineering Industries India has developed inner door panels made of tailor welded blanks (TWB) for Maruti Udyog which, in turn, will stamp them to make doors for the Swift. Regular supplies will begin in April, says Gautam Bhattacharya, vice-president. Maruti, which currently imports the doors, will benefit from the localisation effort. Rasandik is also showcasing the benefits of TWB for door panels to other OEMs.

It has set up a Rs 20 crore TWB-making unit at its Gurgaon facility inclusive of a laser-welding machine. TWBs are made from two kinds of material and thickness that are tailored to meet specific needs and applications. Sheets of different thickness and strength are welded together through mash or laser welding so that they can be used for the same part. These welded blanks are then used for stamping like a regular sheet/blank. It helps reduce the cost of dies and tools, assembly and also of jigs and fixtures. Extra weight is also eliminated.


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