Castrol claims new Activ engine oil offers 50% better protection

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 20 Nov 2017


Castrol India today launched its new Castrol Activ engine oil, which with improved Actibond molecules, is claimed to offer 50 percent better engine protection for motorcycles and scooters. The company says the these molecules cling to critical engine parts throughout all stages of riding and beyond.

Commenting on the launch of Castrol Activ, Kedar Apte, vice-president, marketing, Castrol India, said: “Modern riding conditions demand a lot from riders and their bikes. There are at least 10 million instances per month where a bike engine could get damaged whilst running. A bike requires continuous protection not just while riding but also during start-up and even when the engine is off. The new formulation of Castrol Activ has improved actibonds that provide continuous protection during start-up, riding and even when the engine is off. The new Castrol Activ is Castrol’s best formulation for continuous protection.”

The formulation of its new Castrol Activ is designed to protect the engine through all three stages:

During start up – Most engine wear occurs during warm up, just after starting the bike. The improved Actibond molecules in new Castrol Activ reduces warm up wear by 75 percent (compared to passing API SL oil tested in Sequence IVA engine test) thereby reducing wear and tear of vital engine parts.

When riding – The improved Actibond molecules fight deposits and provides superior engine cleanliness, to help ensure smooth running and reduce piston wear.

When the engine is off By clinging to engine parts even when the engine is switched off, Castrol Activ provides excellent protection against corrosion that may occur due to humidity.

The company says the new engine oil meets API SL and JASO MA2 specifications, and will be available in 1-litre and 900ml packs.

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