Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid will be 'most powerful ever'

by Julian Rendell, Autocar UK 07 Mar 2018

The plug-in hybrid version of the next-generation Porsche 911 will be the most powerful model in the 911's history.

“The 911 plug-in must be a very strong performing car,” said Porsche boss Oliver Blume. "It will be the most powerful 911 we’ve ever had; 700bhp might be possible.”

The electric motor is likely to be rated at a minimum of 136bhp – that’s the power of the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid's motor - while the combustion engine will be a turbocharged petrol flat-six.

Today’s 911 Turbo S develops 572bhp.


 The 992-generation 911 will be the first to be available as a hybrid

Drivers will be able to use "a special button for the electric punch," Blume added.

The 911 plug-in’s technology will be unique but will draw on experience gained with the front-engined Panamera hybrid and the 918 Spyder supercar.

As a result, the 911 plug-in will be launched “a couple of years” after the next 911, codenamed 992, which is scheduled to be revealed at the Paris motor show later this year.

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