Igus launches compact, drylin E linear robot

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Mar 2018


Move with ease and precision in the smallest of spaces. These are the requirements for linear robots, which are used, for example, in automation tasks in the handling area and test automation.

igus has now developed a new compact linear robot, the use of which is ideal in such scenarios. This is delivered in 24 hours. The complete solution consisting of lubrication-free and maintenance-free toothed belt axes and motors is available immediately from stock at 1,799 euros.

The automation of production processes is becoming increasingly important for mechanical engineering in order to manufacture products within the shortest possible time and at low cost. For this reason igus says it has developed a new, compact linear robot.

The new lubrication-free and maintenance-free drylin E linear robot is suitable for a wide range of applications, be it in medical technology with high safety requirements, or tasks in microelectronics, or for pick-and-place functions for very small series. In a small working envelope of 400 x 400 x 100 millimetres, the small complete solution can carry loads of up to 2.5 kilograms at maximum speeds of up to 0.5 metres per second.

"Two drylin ZLW toothed belt axes and one drylin GRW gear rack axis ensure precise guidance and lubrication-free operation thanks to sliding elements made of high-performance plastics," explains Alexander Mühlens, head of planning, drylin drive technology at igus. Mounting brackets for system profiles are also available as an option. The linear robot is delivered within 24 hours ready to connect with NEMA17/23 stepper motors and encoders. Thus the customer is able to mount his product on the machine the very next day.

drylin E linear robots for immediate use
In addition to the new drylin E linear robot for a small working envelope, igus also supplies line and flat linear robots directly from stock. All linear robots include pre-configured drylin linear modules and linear axes with NEMA stepper motors as well as all components required for self-assembly.

In addition to the available stock items, the user has the option of assembling their own custom linear robot at https://www.igus.eu/robot-enquiry from the drylin W system. Depending on customer requirements, axis length and various motors can also be configured, for example, with energy chains and cables from igus.

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