'We (Global NCAP) expect to release further results later in the year.'

by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 06, 2017


Global NCAP, which released test results of the Ford Aspire and Chevrolet Enjoy today, will be testing more made-in-India cars this year, says Alejandro Furas, Technical Director, Global NCAP.

Will this be the only set of results for 2017?
No, we expect to release further results later in the year.

Why do you refer to the Aspire (Next Gen Figo)?
Global NCAP tested the Ford Aspire which is the sedan version of the Next Gen Figo which is a hatchback. The results can therefore be extended to both the Next Gen Figo and Aspire.


Is the Aspire (Next Gen Figo) being sold in other markets?
The Ford Aspire (Next Gen Figo) resembles the Ford KA sold in Brazil and Europe, however the platform performs differently during testing, so it is not the same car. However the Next Gen Figo is sold as Figo in South Africa.

Does GM produce other zero star cars for India?
This is the first car tested as part of the Safer Cars for India Project, however, in 2016, the Chevrolet Spark GT or Spark Classic for the Mexican market, which is made in India and known as the Chevrolet Beat there, scored zero stars when tested by Latin NCAP.

You mention other manufacturers making improvements, who are they?
Tata Motors has shown improvements with results of the Zest last year. Toyota and Honda have also had good results, VW improved the basic equipment of the Polo offering better safety and most importantly are engaging with Global NCAP in order to make further improvements.

You said GM produce unsafe cars in other developing markets, do you have any examples?
Latin NCAP have tested several GM cars many of which, such as the Aveo, Agile and Sail, have scored zero stars. The overall performance has been so bad in the region that GM came in last place among the global car makers in Latin NCAP’s manufacturing ranking table.


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