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Force Motors presents sustainable urban commuting solutions at Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024

The company says that Traveller Electric, showcased at the event, takes the lead in addressing last-mile connectivity challenges.

02 Feb 2024 | 1445 Views | By Autocar Pro News Desk

Force Motors, a prominent player in the Indian automotive industry and the largest manufacturer of vans in the country is strategically focusing on being a leader in promoting sustainable urban commuting solutions for India. At the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, Force Motors showcased its three important vehicles from the brand - the Traveller Electric, Urbania Diesel, and Traveller CNG.

The company says that its state-of-the-art Traveller Electric takes the lead in addressing last-mile connectivity challenges, while the Urbania Diesel and Traveller CNG provide efficient urban commuting options.

On the vision and plans of the company, Prasan Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors said, “The Indian mobility needs are rapidly changing. With the growing urbanisation and consequent growth of public transport solutions in the cities, there is a significant need for sustainable and economical last-mile connectivity. Our focus aligns with the Indian Government’s focus on ensuring Safe, Adequate and Holistic Infrastructure (SAHI) for all our citizens. We are confident that our urban mobility solutions can play a vital role in decongesting roads through efficient mobility solutions, and we are looking forward to offering our solutions to major urban centres where they can symbiotically enhance the connectivity from Public Transportation points.”

“Force Motors was founded with the vision of providing affordable commercial transport for the masses by harnessing the best available technology and offering economical, reliable, and efficient products. The three vehicles that we have displayed at the Bharat Mobility Expo not only stand true to that vision but also embody the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and performance, serving as a testament to Force Motors’ dedication to shaping the future of urban mobility,” Firodia added.

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